In America about 2.2 Million people go to prison per year. Majority of these individuals come from low-income poverty-stricken areas. Studies have shown that incarcerated individuals that receive support, whether it be a visit, letter in the mail, or a care package are up to 83% less likely to go back to prison. The only issue is that majority of the people that are in prison, families cannot afford to go on a visit, send a letter or send a care package.
Unincarcerate America will provide support to low-income families of the incarcerated. While the individual is incarcerated, we will provide support in the form of packages, bus tickets for visits, letters and photo assistance. When these individuals are released from prison, we will provide outpatient services focused on Career Training (Mock Interviews, Resume writing and Job searching), Emotional Wellness (Yoga, Breathing techniques, Anger Management classes and Substance Abuse Counseling) Educational Services (GED enrollment and college enrollment). These services will be provided by our staff of licensed social workers and professional volunteers.