For the Individuals who have been debar from society, the simple act of donating your time, expertise and knowledge makes a robust statement. It makes them feel human again.

Attend an in-prison event
We regularly visit the prisons, which house the incarcerated men and women that we provide support too. These events allow priceless connections between donors and the incarcerated receivers. These events help release people from their pasts and realize better futures. Email us, title it prisons visit, and we will add you to our waiting list. We will notify you of the upcoming prison events that we are hosting

Post-release volunteer opportunities
If spending a day in prison connecting with the incarcerated is not for you, you can still be involved by donating your time. Simply write us, tell us about your skills, past experience and ways you would like to get involved and we will add you to our email list of upcoming volunteer opportunities. When a volunteer opportunity arises that you would like to be a part of simply reply to the email and we will schedule you to be a part of the event.